Super Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

Super Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

strawberry soy ice cream
delicious & nutritious ingredients: strawberries & vanilla soy milk (about 1 cup)
plus: a splash of vanilla extract & agave syrup (to taste)

1. slice a couple of fresh strawberries and freeze until firm.
2. place frozen strawberries and remaining ingredients in food processor & blend until smooth.
3. enjoy!


Summery Summer Rolls

Summery Summer Rolls

vietnamese summer rolls
delicious & nutritious ingredients: shrimp, fish, bean sprouts, carrots, cilantro, & scallions
plus: rice paper wraps & vermicelli rice noodles

Light & Airy Cookies

Light & Airy Cookies

coconut cookies
delicious & nutritious ingredients: egg whites & grated dried unsweetened coconut
plus: a touch of sugar, salt, & baking powder